A Fresh Start

Happy 2011 folks! Well, if you don’t know, I’m Josh Campbell and this is my new blog. Welcome to Resolve This! I had a few resolutions I decided I want to do this year, but then I realized that I never actually keep any of my resolutions (like most people). This year though, I’ve decided enough is enough. One of my resolutions, I realized, can help me complete the other ones, so I decided to use it to my advantage. Starting today, this blog is here to not just be a blog, but keep me up on my resolutions and remind me that they’re still there. This year, I’ve decided to keep it simple, and I’ve limited myself to four resolutions (at least those that I’m going to share with the internet at large).

  • I resolve to post in my blog at least once a day for one full
  • I resolve to read one book a week for a year.
  • I resolve to create at least one concept a week, whether it be for music, a script, a short story, or anything else.
  • I resolve to actually practice my scripting more by writing at least five pages a week.

This year’s resolutions are all about being more creative, being more open, and over all, just trying tostick with something. The posts’ll be different from day to
day. Most of em will just be about whatever has gone on that day. Some of them may be little stories I come up with, I won’t know till I post. I’m asking everyone that sees this that if they want to, participate in this with me! Comment, or maybe even make your own blog and link up here with me, and create
yourself too! This is a complete experiment for me, so I’m just gonna try it out for the year and see what comes of it. Hopefully, you’ll all join me for it, too!

One word of warning to those who are following this now. Some of you I think still see me as a kid, completely innocent and always happy and never questioning anything. That I don’t curse, that I’m unknowing of how things work, or that I know exactly what I believe. Folks, that’s just not the case. This blog’s going to be as uncensored as I possibly can make it.  It’s gonna be laid bare and this’ll be the most open and real I’ve been in a long time.   Now, this does not mean that if I’m mad at someone, that I’ll be smearing them on here. When I refer to anyone, I’ll more than likely never use a name, because calling people out is not what this blog is for, and this blog is not about embarrassing someone who’s made me mad or that I’ve felt wronged me. It’s about the journey through 2011, and tell me if I do stray into that. But still, don’t expect a sugar-coated, all happiness story.  This’ll be it all, the highs, lows, cursing, singing, and everything in between.

Now, to the first update!

Concept A Week: 0 of 1
Script Pages A Week: 0 of 5
Book A Week: 0 of 52
This Week:

Juliet, Naked Cover

"Juliet, Naked" by Nick Hornby


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