It’s been a huge part of my life.  From when I was younger and in choir  through now when ever once in a while I just pull out my electric I got back in high school and just strum a few bars from time to time.  From when I used to listen to some (honestly terrible) religious music for kids on old cassette tapes, to me popping on my headphones and listening to 5 albums a day on a piece of tech the size of which is slightly bigger than a cassette tape (and it makes phone calls, too!).  It’s amazing how affecting it can be, and how it can change a mood for the day, or just emphasize it further, depending on what you choose to listen to.  It can set the mood of a story that you’re watching in a film, or reading in a book.  You can hear a certain song every time you think about a certain person in your life (whether it be good or bad).

Today’s been a day of music and reading for me.  I made massive progress in Juliet, Naked today (knocked out over 100 pages), but I don’t think it would’ve been anywhere near as enjoyable or as successful if I didn’t have my MP3 player with me, today locked into Arcade Fire mode (with a little bit of MC Frontalot during reading breaks for good measure).  Somehow, Arcade Fire’s “Funeral” just felt the absolute perfect fit for the book.  It’s not been a happy story, and really seems to convey a sense of longing (for both characters, though still…. Fuck Duncan and the bootlegs he collects).  I get that exact feeling from “Funeral.”  Now that I think about it, “The Suburbs” would be just as good a fit, but that’s somewhere else all together.  I think the music I chose today actually helped me roll through the book and feel what those characters felt and feel the encroaching uncertainty they felt about their current lot in life.

It’s amazing the power music can hold, but some people can get overly wrapped up in it.  They do nothing but listen to a song then dissect it, then dissect the dissection, re read that, turn it inside out, read that, send it back, staple it together and read that backwards, and read absolute insanity out of it.  I know I get a little bit like that with some of my stuff (films), but if I EVER get that way about music, films, or whatever, someone PLEASE knock some sense into me.  It’s exactly what Duncan is in the book with the music he is so attached to in the book.  The music is his life, and nothing else can work within that.  Everything, including the person he’s in a relationship, are incidental.  So I’ll reiterate…

If I EVER become like Duncan in Juliet, Naked, either knock some sense into me fast or put me out of my misery.  I don’t want to miss out on the really special stuff in life because I find something else like a film to be all encompassing.  Besides, I don’t think that the music would want that anyways.


One response to “Music

  1. Certain songs definitely make me think of a certain season, a certain place, or a certain person. In fact any song by a certain musical group makes me think of a certain person, no matter the situation I find myself in.

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