The Semester Has Begun!

Well, I finally have gone to all my classes at least once as of tonight, so I can full on say the semester has begun for me.  Another way to know it’s started up?  Sixty dollars in text books. That’s even not getting it from the local book stores. That’s from online shops!  Thankfully, I did have money from one of my grants left over to help pay for textbooks, though I was hoping I’d be spending a little less and be able to use more of it for a trip that I’m wanting to try and use to explore a city I might want to move to in the near future, as well as to see if there would be jobs I could look into there.  The city is Austin, Texas; and I’ve heard nothing but great things about it.

Thanks to a friend of mine, I got some really happy news.  Even with textbooks taking a larger chunk out than I planned, they’re willing to help me pay my way down while prices are still not as high.  Now, if I did that and just let it be, I’d feel like a complete and total bum of the highest caliber. So I made a deal that I’d pay them back as much as I possibly could.  I’ll be close to ticket price after my first paycheck of the semester, so I’m feeling pretty good about this deal.  I know you’re going to read this, friend that’s getting mentioned on here.  I just want to say again: THANK YOU for the help!  I’ve been wanting to get down there for a long, long time, and it’ll be great to see you, explore the city, and see if there’s anything I could do for a living down there.  I owe you big time.

Now to sidestep back into the main idea in this, the semester.  Yes, that was a large deviance from the meat of this, but it was a needed one.  This semester is going to be insane for me.  I’ve got multiple journals to write (four separate, if multiple syllabi  are to be beleived), movies to watch, shoots to plan for and ideas to have.  It’s going to be extremely stressful sometimes, but I couldn’t be more excited, to be perfectly honest about it.

In each of the classes, I’m fully invested in what we’re going to be talking about and working on.  One is an immersion course where I’m going to be working on a documentary type project for the first time.  Two others are about movies, looking at them from either a genre or a theoretical view.  One is actually about producing as an independent filmmaker (which sounds like a blast already), and then one is full on web design with some DVD and Blu Ray (!!) thrown in for good measure.  Every single class has something I’m interested in.

I know that some people say that once you’re in college, you’ll only have to take the classes you’re most interested in.  To a certain degree, that’s correct; but when someone has to choose between fitness walking and fitness jogging in the winter, or between a basic writing class that covers what you already knew in writing (just more harsh on the grading) or a foreign language class that you honestly don’t need more than two semesters of, it’s just not really true.  I’ve had to take a ton of classes that I can categorize as either classes i did not care to take, but were required to, or classes that I wouldn’t mind to take, but had to squeeze into an already tight schedule, which made me enjoy them less than I would have otherwise.

That just makes this semester that much more of a treat, class wise.  I really enjoy everything about this semester so far, and I can’t wait to get waist deep in the immersion project.  For the web design class, I’m already working on my final project portfolio site, and I’m hoping to have it up here within a week or two and have it at least partially functional.    The best part for me though, is that I have a reason to watch an absolute TON of films, and be able to say it’s homework for film theory and genre.  You really can’t ask for a much better homework assignment than that.

Now if the textbooks were just cheaper…


3 responses to “The Semester Has Begun!

  1. I wouldn’t complain about spending $60 on text books. I got all of mine online and spent about $550. For 4 classes. If I had bought them from the bookstore it would have cost me around $750. It’s a rip-off of the highest order.

  2. Oh, did I mention I’m only taking 4 classes? $750?! Sorry, I just got pissed off about it all over again. haha. Good to hear things are working out so well for you though. I couldn’t think of a better person for good things to be happening to.

  3. Yeah, I’m going to second Irishman here, you got off hella easy. I would not complain. Also, don’t be too quick to dismiss classes you don’t enjoy as “useless”. True, you may not use them in your professional life, but knowledge in general is hardly ever useless. HOWEVER, being able to take AWESOME classes for your last semester is still a total win 😀 Hope they don’t pull your attention in too many directions.

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