And It Rolls Around Again

Well, things are going to be different this week, I think. I’ve had my power cable for my laptop crap out on me while I was in a game today. I had no clue I was on battery power until I started hearing that warning sound chiming in over the game.

Obviously, I started to freak out and tried everything I could to get the cord back up and running. I failed horribly at it. I’m posting this from my phone right now, and probably will be for most of the week, so it’s going (slightly) lower tech for a while. This is probably gonna be good for me though. I can get more reading in, and finally catch up on some movies I’ve been meaning to watch. I’m needing to watch some for my film classes anyways.

I’ve already got a replacement on the way, but I’ve noticed something. It’s kinda pathetic that every time I need to get a new cable for my laptop, I near completely get cut off from everything around me and kinda shut down. I shouldn’t be that tech reliant, me thinks. Maybe I should try to be less tech reliant this year too. It’d probably be better for me in the long run. I say that now, but I guarantee I’ll be back to my old way of doing things by Thursday night. But still, at least I’ll have a couple days with less tech and more… More…

Well, whatever people do when they don’t have a computer on or near their back 24/7.


One response to “And It Rolls Around Again

  1. When I moved here, I no longer had a computer in front of my 24/7 (being at work notwithstanding), and I started to go outside. A lot. And just enjoy being outside. And cooking a lot. May not be something you’re interested in, but I’ve found I don’t even want to be near my computers at home much anymore, and my fancy future fone feels like a burden a lot of the time.

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