Tonight, I got back to my parents after a fun night working on campus (and for once, I completely mean that) to see something on television that I haven’t seen in years, possibly right near a decade.  It’s an older anime series called “The Big O”  Now, if this were anywhere else on the internet, I’d be waiting for the jokes to roll in.  Still, this is a show that kept me interested in Anime in high school, after I had finished Cowboy Bebop, but before I had watched Neon Genesis Evangelion through and through.  Yes, all those titles are real and true, you can look them up.  Getting to the point though, it’s amazing how something like a TV show can take you back so easily.

I can remember exactly when I first saw the show.  I was in my mom and dad’s room watching Toonami way back when Tom II was still hosting.  I saw it and originally thought it was some new Bruce Timm show like Batman: The Animated Series.  But then the giant robots showed up and I knew that it was anime.  Then, as I went through the series, I got more and more involved in the crazy story.  By the time I reached the final episode of the show, I was completely enthralled in these characters and the story of their lost memories, giant robots, and surprise androids.  The final episode though did something I’ll never forget.

It ended.

No complete story, they were in the middle of a battle between Big O and three other mechs, and it just ended.  It was one of the first times I’d ever seen anything that had an incomplete story before, and I had a really hard time letting it go.  We had above dial-up internet at that point (and I was on a desktop that was running the “uber powerful” Windows ME), so I went online and just read for hours about the series, but there wasn’t any other storyline left than what I had already seen.  It was driving me absolutely bonkers.  I wanted to know what happened to Roger, Dorthy, Norman, and Angel.  I wanted to know if the citizens of Paradigm City ever got their memories back.  But it just wasn’t to be it seemed.  The series had been canceled in Japan due to a lack of interested.  There was a much larger collection of fans in the US, but we didn’t really matter at that point.  So I was stuck with no conclusion to this story I loved.  At least, until a few years later.

I want to say around 2006 (I’m doing this from memory, no Wikipedia or anything else for this), a strange commercial appeared on Williams Street’s Adult Swim block.  They had been doing anime for years, but had gone on a short break at that point.  But all of the sudden, it was coming back with a vengeance, and it was with quite the lead.  The Big O was back.

Finally, we fans would get the finished story of The Big O and see how it all worked out.  I won’t spoil the ending for the second series, but it was one of the strangest rides I’ve ever been on, and I’ve seen both endings for Neon Genesis Evangelion.  It was so worth it though, at least when I finally thought back on it.  I originally had a “What the hell was that?” opinion for the show, but as I’ve thought back on it, and now started to see it again, I’ve realized that it was something amazing.

Man, it’s so weird to think back and have that much pop in my head as soon as I see a familiar character on a TV show, but it was part of who I was back in high school.  Thankfully, I didn’t go around speaking extremely broken Japanese, or wearing bright colored shirts with Pokemon on them or anything.  Looking back on it, I was just looking for something that was a good story, and I guess I found it.

* * *

Well, I have to admit, I fell behind on my goals this week.  I had some late nights where I didn’t get a blog in, and then I didn’t get my script pages written at all.  I’ll give myself a bit of a break with it being first week in spring semester, but I’m just going to hop in and push to get it done this next week.  It is nice to know that I am ahead on the book part of the goals though.  I’m already done with three books, and one of which I can’t recommend enough.


Blankets By Craig Thompson

"Blankets" by Craig Thompson










The graphic novel is an autobiography (with a few changes and additions) of the writer, and I have to say, I’ve never felt as much like a character in a story as I have with Craig in this book.  It literally feels like I’m reading about myself, except with none of the charm, longer hair, or actual height on my side.  The footnotes is basically the inside of my head most of the time.  If you want, I’ll loan you my copy, just read it!

Now, I’m inside two more books, because one has such small text that it’s an extremely dense book.  I’ll leave those to the goal list though.  So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll list that out and head to bed.

Concept A Week: 0 of 1
Script Pages A Week: 0 of 5
Book A Week: 3 of 52
This Week:

"American Gods" by Neil Gaiman

"The War For Late Night" by Bill Carter


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