Man, I love movies. I watched The Social Network for the first time last night (yes, I waited WAY too long to see that) and it just reminded me why I love movies and hope to work on them some day. Took me back through my collection and I watched some of them and enjoyed them much more than I have in some time.

Looking at some of them through a different set of eyes has been a lot of fun. Looking at some as someone older than I was in the past, I’m catching little jokes I didn’t get when I was younger. I’m catching some of the directorial styles I hadn’t in the past. I’m seeing styles of scripting and delivery.

It’s so incredibly fun to really start noticing these things and think about the fact that maybe, one day, I could be doing that. I could be shooting a movie, or directing, or writing, or editing. Who knows, maybe one day I can write well enough to review films instead.

It’s strange to say, but lately, watching movies makes my future feel just a slight bit brighter. And for once… I’m excited about what’s to come.


One response to “Films

  1. I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve fallen in love with movies I disliked, and fallen out of love with movies I thought were awesome.

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