The Game

Today’s been a lot of fun.  Viewed two movies in classes (one of which I’d never seen before) and had work.  Why was work fun tonight?  I had a good dinner, and I got to read through a good portion of the Dungeon Master’s Guide for Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition.  Yeah, you read that right, the DMG.  I’m planning on running a small game with a few of my friends from the gaming lab.  I’ve wanted to play for quite some time, but haven’t found a dungeon master who’s schedule works for me.  So, after talking to a few people at the lab, I’ve decided I’m gonna play the role of dungeon master for a game.  It’s nothing complicated, just the adventure in the back of the first DMG, but it’ll be a fun experience (I hope).  I’m just really ready to get into a story, mostly because I haven’t played in quite some time.

Last time I played was around three years ago.  It was at an apartment that belonged to a common friend that our group had, and we had already been going out there from time to time to catch movies and just eat like no other.  It was small, but it was a great little place.  I was able to play three or so times before I either got disconnected from the game or we just stopped playing, I really don’t know which.  The first night was literally entirely character creation.  Our DM had been playing for a while (quite a bit of 3.5 to be exact), so he got us newbies all started.  It was kinda insane that night, a bit loud, and a bit confusing.  Then the second night, we finally got into our first adventure (which was the story inside the DMG).  It was so much fun.  I played a good aligned human wizard.  This was the era where the DnD video made it on to the net, so yes, as the lone wizard, I made the magic missile joke more than once.  I had so much more fun than I thought I would.  Before that, I was still pretty close to a strict christian, so I heard the whole “D&D is evil and demonic” speech, so I never played before.  Thankfully, I’ve grown out of that a bit, and I’m much more likely to play games I’d never considered before.  I’ve played magic now, I’ve played Doom… A lot that really were great, but I was told that they were evil and shouldn’t be seen even.


2 responses to “The Game

  1. It cracks me up what’s considered “demonic”, all those games are at best harmless and at worst boring.

  2. I spent a two day campaign with people one time, and we didn’t even get through character creation. Two entire days! That game (D&D) did nothing but make me angry.

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