Doing It All Again

Today I had to pick up a camera that I’m going to be shooting with tomorrow on a project I’m doing at school.  I haven’t had to work with a camera since around this time a year ago.  Picking up this camera, even though it’s different than the ones I used before now, brought back so many memories.

Walking into the Teleplex today I had to pass by the editing bays, which instantly took me back to extremely late nights sitting in that bay editing hour after hour after hour.  Sometimes I’d be by myself, most of the time with the rest of a team that I had been working with on that project.  We worked hard in there, but had a hell of a lot of fun while we were at it.  I know that on breaks, that’s where I introduced friends to things like Marble Hornets, or came up with an idea for a small production company I may want to do one day.  It’s where I watched a few movies for the first time (though they were in pieces) .  It’s where I pulled my first 24 hour day.  It’s where I started to earn my editing chops.  And it’s where I’ve made some of my best friends in college.

I picked the camera up from Mary, and flashed back a bit on all the times I could remember picking equipment up.  They all kinda blend together.  Let me tell you though, you remember 30-75 minute walks to get equipment back and forth.  I just realized that 3/4 of the time, I picked my equipment up from Mary herself.  I know at first I was scared out of my fucking mind of her, mostly because I had heard that if one thing went wrong, it was my ass, and she’d be the one taking a chunk out of it.  Now I know better, thankfully.  Yes, if I destroy equipment, it’s my ass, but she is good tot he people who consistently take care of things, and she’s as nice as can be.  Talkative if you aren’t in a line, too.  Makes it that much better and that much easier to get equipment.

I really didn’t get to think about it much till later that night when I finally got the chance to pull the camera out of the case and try it out.  That did the most for me.  I remembered shooting my first team project with a couple now close friends of mine.  We were out at one of their houses and were trying to shoot a natural sound video.  This time, I was quite in my element.  I was the sound guy of the team, and Thankfully, I had access to any mic I could want (at least at that moment.  We shot mostly in the kitchen with a small bit in the dining room.  We were shooting for hours, and this was AFTER we had planned it out ahead of time with another hour of work.  The micing though, was done on the fly after we got the camera set up and put out into a real world setting.  I still remember at the end of it, just to make sure that we get that “gross” sound of someone eating their food, we actually taped a lav mic to the side of our actor/director’s face, which gave us quite the satisfying sound.


Augh!!! It’s late, and I need to be in early in the morning, so I better go now and do a second post tomorrow.  I’ve got a ton more stories in my head, and I’m actually really wanting to get it down now.


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