Between The Lines

At the end of last year, I decided that I’d start reading again.  Not just comics (though I still love them) but novels and non-fiction as well.  I was so incredibly excited that I barely made it to the First of January before I started one of my books.  It was so nice to feel that again.  I don’t think I had felt like that since I was a kid and I went to the school library for library day every week. I would get so excited I could barely sit still on those days.  There was always something in there that would interest me.  For the most part it was the chapter books.  I read them ahead of most of the other people in my class (though i couldn’t spell worth a shit if I tried).  It gave me quite  a bit of pride, because it was something I was finally good at.  I blew through books like they would all be burned Fahrenheit 451 style the next day.  I won reading contests at school (yes, we had reading contests at my school.  Also, no, the prizes were not that good).

I also remember reading books that I didn’t want my parents to see.  Not that they were bad books, they were just not on the approved “Christian Kid Reading List”. Note: There was no actual list entitled “The Christian Kid Reading List” that I was able to find. Books like Animorphs, and Goosebumps and the like were just too weird to be read by kids.  They had to be unchristian with kids turning into animals (sorry about the 13 year old spoiler, folks) or a kid was under the control of a haunted, ugly, green Halloween mask (sorry for the 15 year old spoiler, folks).  So I spent a lot 0f time reading in my room, reading what my parents told me I shouldn’t be reading by borrowing them from a friend of mine.  I never got to finish the Animorphs series, but I do remember liking it quite a bit.  I’m near tempted to try and find a used copy of the first book somewhere and see if it holds up at all.  But those books became fleeting as I moved up the ranks of education.

My middle school library had some good stuff, but I was much more interested in Nintendo Power at that point than I was in any of the books they had. I dropped out of reading more and more till my interest was gone.  High school was pretty much exclusively manga (though I did read some great books in my english classes), so there wasn’t much for me to work with there.  College became comics, and now this year, just before I leave college for the real world (hopefully), it’s time to get back into novels and long form writing.  It’s been a ton of fun reading all these stories I hadn’t had the chance to before.  Suggestions have made a huge difference in my list and this is the most varied collection of books I’ve ever read.  Non-fiction science books, fantasy fiction, biographies, science fiction, Victorian, comedy.  It’s been an absolutely outstanding start, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has got for me.  At least when I start getting my homework done earlier.


2 responses to “Between The Lines

  1. If your list isn’t full yet, may I suggest “How the Irish Saved Civilization” by Thomas Cahill.

  2. It’s more than a little depressing how people tend to “grow out of” reading due to an inability to track down enjoyable material. How many people started out devouring books as kids and slowly stopped reading altogether, and never got the chance to rediscover reading for pleasure?

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