Project Mini Post! GO!

Just thought I would hop in with a little bit of an extra mini-post about the project info I promised yesterday.  I’m not going to say much about it on here honestly.  At this point it’s just to early to divulge anything (considering it’s still in the pre-pre-pre-planning stages).

Why devote a whole post to it instead of just doing an addendum  to the main post for the day?

Because I feel like it.

Is that a good idea?

Probably not, but I’m going to do it anyways.

The big project I’m working with a friend on is:

A little idea we’re having that involves the internet and audio streaming.

I know kinda underwhelming a bit, eh?  Like I said though, we’re still in the planning stages, so no big details at this point.  For actual content, come back in the next few hours, and I’ll have something new and hopefully content packed, just like a sweet, sweet pepperoni pizza stuffed breadstick.


2 responses to “Project Mini Post! GO!

  1. I want pepperoni pizza stuffed breadsticks now. Damn it.

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