Where Do We Go From Here?

Valentines Day… Meh…  I do believe that’s all I have to say on the subject.

You know, it’s not the best sign in the world when you realize that to fill in free time you have because of low funds/gas/friends in a given time frame, you decide that getting started on that paper that’s not due for another month and a half is a good idea.  That my friends, is a truly bad sign.  I did that on Friday night, a little of that on Saturday, and thankfully I didn’t touch it at all last night.  Yesterday was strictly a movie day (one of which I’ll most likely post on in the next day or two).
Friday, thankfully, wasn’t dominated by homework ideas either.  It was actually spent majorly doing something that I now really honestly and truly think will become part of my schedule from now on: Dungeons and Dragons.  Yes I played on Friday.  Actually, I did one better than playing.  I was the DM for the game.  I’m actually running games for Dungeons and Dragons, even though I’ve only played twice in the past, and that was just two separate nights.  But I went into this with three weeks prep and planning.  I felt like it went really quite well, though there were a few moments that slowed the game down that were completely my fault.  We play again on the 25th, so I’m more than excited to play again.  Guys, if you some how find this, I’ll have my checks down next time, I promise.

Saturday I had a funeral to go to, which was quite good and very fitting for the person we were eulogizing.  I still had to actually go home to do some homework that was due today.  By the time I had that finished, I still had hours till work, so I just decided, “Screw it, I’m just gonna work till I want to stop while I’m still being productive.  That had me doing over 1000 words for one journal.  Which wasn’t bad, I must say, but it didn’t make me feel any better that it was what I had my mind set on doing.  That’s just the sign that I don’t really have enough of a life to warrant working on homework during a scheduled homework time frame.
Sunday, that was movie night.  I won’t go deep into what they were right now, other than to say they were some of the stranger movies I’ve seen in quite a while, and I mean that in the best way possible.  I know one of them for sure is getting a write-up on here in the next few days.  It absolutely deserves it.
Still, this all begs the question of what is up with me that homework can fill a free time void like it did.  Well, I think part of it is just the people I’ve normally been around are gone. When I had my friends around, that was when I tried Doc’s Music Hall for the first time.  With them around, I actually went into the Herot and found that I quite enjoyed it.  I would randomly start singing Piano Man with them whenever we’d hear the first bits of harmonica (though more than once I remember being one of the only people I know who had the compulsion to actually finish the song).  I think another part though is just the fact that Albany is so far out from Muncie that if I want to make a night of it, I have to plan it ahead of time for the most part because I’m scrimping, saving and budgeting constantly anymore.  So I just make it in outside of the normal times I’m in for class only when the gas and the money will allow.  Hopefully, I can turn that around sometime soon.


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