The Best Laid Plans

Well, as you can already tell, I’m WELL off of the plan that I set way back on January 1st where I would post in this blog once a day.  Life just hasn’t seemed to afford me that opportunity.  With classes going like a motherfucker (I’m reading 5 books at the same time for 3 classes, doing journals for four of five, and trying to make a portfolio site), family drama out the ass (money, wedding, arguments, time, etc., etc.) and a future to start planning for (Portfolio again, starting to look at jobs outside the labs, the trip to Austin in just a couple weeks) that the blog has just fallen by the wayside most nights.  It’s weird because I love writing here, it’s just that my life wouldn’t allow it for a while.  That just seems to be the way that life tends to be sometimes though, I guess.  Not always what you want, but what you have to do.  I think the whole thing earlier this month fucked me up a bit, too.  I’m going to try and get back on the horse, writing here more often than I have been recently and be a little better at it at the same time.  Just give me a little leniency.  We good?

Commence the sarcastic “Where the hell have you been?!” comments.


One response to “The Best Laid Plans

  1. Oh hai blog!

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