Something New

In around 24 hours from now I’ll be in Austin, Texas.  I’m incredibly excited for that.  Incredibly, incredibly excited.  The flying is the part that is making me a bit nervous, though.  Actually, no it’s not even the flying, it’s everything pre-flying.  My mom is just making me crazy right now.  She’s been on me all day, telling me I didn’t plan enough money for the trip at all, that my budget is incorrect, that I didn’t set up for the flights correctly, that I can’t take both my backpack and suitcase.  The list from there goes ever on.  She just keeps on me about this stuff, and it’s really not making me a happy person at the moment.  I’ve been planning for this for months.  I’ve done four separate budgets for this.  I’ve planned for what money I may or may not have in the near future.  I’ve looked through the airline website 5 days in a row, making sure things will be done right.  I’m ready for this.  I just really don’t like that she keeps telling me I’m not.

BUT, that isn’t even my main point here.  My main point is that going to Austin is something completely new for me.  I’ve never flown before, I’ve not gone anywhere on my own before.  I haven’t had an actual leave small town Indiana vacation ever.  I’m incredibly excited.  And I’m hoping I end up liking Austin as much as some (Carrie and some others that I’ve been talking to for years that have been mentioning the city from time to time) have said I would.  If it’s ANYTHING like it sounds, I think it’s where I want to move to after I graduate.  Along with the events and life that it sounds like is there, I also want to go there and try and get into new media or get back into film or radio.  It’d be something special and I’d finally get the chance to see whether I can do this on my own or not.


One response to “Something New

  1. Flying is awesome. I love it.

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