Austin is On!

Well, sorry this is so late folks, but it’s been an insane couple days.  I’ve been down with Allergies for two days, but yesterday I finally got the chance to go through the City of Austin proper, and I had a great time (until I nearly broke down biking back to the apartment I’m in for the week).  Now, the only thing is, I don’t have video for you all.  I have video shot, but the problem is that I loath Windows Live Movie Maker.  That is not a good editor, at least for me.  I need more of a non-linear type.  So at some point soon I’ll have video up and it’ll be edited and hopefully awesome, but until then I’ll drop you a few pictures from the plane ride to yesterday afternoon (at least the ones that worked out nicely).

Up In The Air

Flying over at least one state

This is the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema that I visited my first day/night in Austin. There I saw the insane bollywood film "ENDHIRAN: THE ROBOT". I enjoyed every damn minute, too.

Yes, you're reading that right. It's the Whataburger Learning Center. They're just a step above all those other fast food chains, I guess.

Some interesting grafiti I found on the pedistrian bridge. The small one on the right is actually Orson Welles with red eyes.

A banner for SXSW (that I sadly have to miss)

Sadly, I didn't get to go see a movie there, but I did get to at least see it. It's one of the main theaters for SXSW film.

This was so awesome that I couldn't not take a picture of it. And no, I have no clue what it means.


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