“Those” Nights

I promise that video and a few more pictures of Austin are coming soon. It’s been an insane week since I got back (a paper, two journals, a project, and utter insanity with my family thanks to the wedding next weekend). So it is on it’s way, I just haven’t had any free time, minus the small amount I get to read in.
Tonight, though, I realized there was one upside to the whole being busy thing. I didn’t have time to think about much else. Tonight I ended up with some free time to myself. No IM, no phone, no one awake. Just me and my thoughts while a movie runs in the background while trying to sleep. Unhappy memories tend to flow into those moments, I’m finding.
At this point, I should honestly be more than willing to talk about the situation in full, but that is just for some goddamn idiotic reason, not the case. Those of you closest to me know what this is and are already sick of hearing about it, that fact I can almost guarantee. Yet, even after the shittiness of the whole situation is just over a month past now, it can still completely and utterly knock me on my ass. I’m completely amazed by that fact, too. These people who get over things so quickly just amaze me, and I’m honestly envious. It’s something I wish I could acquire as a skill, if skill is even the right word for it.
It’s amazing, I didn’t deal with any of this once while I was in Austin. But as soon as I’m back here, I get hit by it like a sack of bricks. My brain works in utterly mysterious and strange ways, and this is one of those times where I really don’t like that.


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