Of High School Graduations and College Graduations

So I’m sitting here in a high school graduation that my younger cousin is going through. It’s really quite interesting to sit through one of these five years and one college graduation later. Being removed from it, and being from a different (read: rival) school, it’s amazing how many elements are the same nearly 6 years later.

The songs are the same (Geen Day will apparently NEVER stop make money from “Time Of Your Life” during high school graduations), the speeches will always feel a little stiff from the top two members of the class (they just don’t don’t have the experience they’ll have after the next few years), and things seem like it drags a bit.

It seemed to move quite a lot quicker for the college graduation, and I think that’s because they just wanted to get us out of there because we were done (and sometimes the profs didn’t want to be there either).

There’s one thing I wish I would’ve been able to tell myself when I was their age though. I wish I could say “Go out there and take some damn risks! Try something new! Don’t waste time just sitting on your hands and ‘staying out of it’ just because it’s different from what you knew and a little out of the ordinary. Push yourself and try something new! You never realize what you’re gonna love if you don’t do something. Take a risk and don’t worry about whether you’ll fall on your face. You may look stupid then, but you’ll move on and be better for it. Lastly, be you! For fuck’s sake be you! Don’t do something or believe something or think something exclusively because of the fact that someone told you it’s right. Check it agains you, what you think and how you feel.”

Alright, so that was more than one thing, but it still rings true to what I’d say if I had the opportunity. It still rings true to me and honestly, it’s what I’m telling myself now that I’m in the middle of a new transitions. Who knew? The same advice leans true for both an 18 year-old and a 24 year-old. It just really seems like this is something much more fundamental that took me a long time to learn and I’m nowhere near mastering it.

Still this time, it’s not really about me, but it really should be about my cousin. Congrats Blake, you earned your day to celebrate and the future you’re laying before yourself.


One response to “Of High School Graduations and College Graduations

  1. I’m pretty sure no one enjoys any graduations ever. Just saying.

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