Of Betas and Classics

Yesterday, I finally got into Google+.  Yeah, that was the highlight from my day.  I know it’s not terribly interesting, buy it’s what I have to go with.  It is kinda a cool feeling to be in a beta for a site or piece of software.  Of of those things that I rarely get to do, and I actually enjoy.  A little bit of an exclusive feel is kinda fun, too.  Well, that exclusive feeling lasted… less than 24 hours this time.  Ok, so it should be more enjoyable since more people I know will be using it now, but still, at least I had fun for part of a day with that.

With the new came the old though.  I’ve started watching the BD version of The Matrix this weekend.  I forgot just how good that movie is.  I probably haven’t watched it for 3 years before this point, and really memories for that movie started to intertwine with that of it’s (comparatively horrible) sequels.  The movie is still incredibly strong, and still gives that fish out of water feel that I think it needs to stay relateable.  I’m also still a sucker for Rage Against The Machine, so that ending may be a factor in my enjoyment, too.

Still, I love how both the new and the old intertwine quite a bit anymore.  I’m always looking back on previous experiences (whether they be movies, music, books, or other peices of media) and I’m looking towards the future (tech, actual activities, so on and so forth).


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