That Notebook Has Helped Already

If you couldn’t tell by the title, I’ve been doing some writing lately.  I’m just a little over a week in with it, and already I think I’ve come up with an idea that I like that I want to expand on.  I don’t want to say much about the idea yet.  For all I know, this could be another stinker like what I had with the teleplay that I was working on for the last year.  I didn’t even make it through the entire first 45 minute episode.  There was just nothing there to latch on to after a while.  So I’m letting it stew a little while longer before I head back to it.  The teleplay did do one good thing for my writing though.

I learned how to work through my writing process now, and I think I found a new way through in scripts.

I’m starting out this time like I should have with the Teleplay:  a treatment.  I wrote out a four-page treatment today, and I really like the idea.  It’s one of those moments where as I’m writing it, new ideas come into play, and I’m writing in ink, so there’s nowhere to put them for the moment being.  It’s nice to feel that all over again.  Still, I know this is gonna take some work.  One of my biggest problems is trying to find the voice for specific characters.  I’ve been trying to listen to how other people speak, and I think I’m ready to try this again.

On another front, I’m going to be going through multiple drafts of this treatment before I even move it to the scripting phase.  With the other ideas that popped up to flesh out the stories and characters, I need to write everything in organically so I don’t loose something along the way, having the A and B plots moving smoothly, have a C surprisingly show up, and loose the B all together as the story moves along.

Scripting is going to be a bit different this time, as well.  If I can convince her, I’d like to bring in a friend I’ve been dying to write with in on the project and see what I can learn from that.  I know you read the blog, so if you’re interested, just message me and I’ll type out a copy of the most current treatment.

Ok, I’m really excited for this.  I haven’t felt that in quite a while.  It’s been mostly Minecraft and reading for me during this job lull, leaving me with not a lot of writing, just due to lack of effort.  I think this project could change that though.  Who knows, maybe I’m finally on to something here.


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