Motivating Factors

Well, we’re in September now.  I’ve been without a job since May, and I think it’s genuinely getting to me.  That, compounded with rarely seeing anyone other than family thanks to my car being out of commission and most everyone I knew moving out of the area, I just seem to be stuck in a black hole named Rural Indiana.

The last few days I’ve realized that I’ve had 0 work ethic for the last while.  That explains why I was bored, and also let me realize I sat on a project for three weeks; a project that originally I was quite excited to work on.  I hunkered down and did the ridiculously small amount of work it took to finish off the preliminary outline and send it over to my co-writer.  Amazingly, I think the catalyst for getting anything done was actually having some time with friends this weekend.

We weren’t in physical proximity mind you, we were all chatting through skype and playing the game League of Legends as  a team.  It was the most fun I’ve had in quite some time, and it was JUST what I needed.  It broke me out of my funk, and now you see me today actually getting a little bit of work done, and even blogging about it for good measure.  It’s kinda nice to get out of that fog and actually do something again.


2 responses to “Motivating Factors

  1. Man I know EXACTLY how you feel. I’ve been feeling super stressed about not having a job over the last couple weeks. But it sucks when you can’t even get an interview.

    • Yeah, I get that. I think having the disconnection with everyone else is an even bigger problem for me. I really think the catalyst for me getting on doing something was actually spending some time (even just over voice chat) with folks and enjoying myself.

      Even if we did get our asses kicked 3 matches in a row…

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