Fall is coming (or in my opinion, here)!

I love this time of year.  Fall (or Autumn, so someone seems to correct me with at least once a day) leaves that perfect middle ground between warm and cold, making those nights a bit longer, and giving everyone a view of what could be a new world if they are paying attention.  It’s the last chances to read outside without being bothered by bees, wasps, horseflies, and yellow jackets; and the holidays begin.  Yes, I know we’re near a month out from it, but I just want to state that my current favorite holiday is Halloween, and no one can convince me otherwise at this time.  I’ve finally reached the point where I can watch a horror movie and not be (too) spooked, and I’m loving a good ghost story.  With Halloween, you can add another aspect to those nights that can be all at once sinister and incredibly fun at the same time.  You can’t do that very often any longer, and I’ve really come to enjoy that aspect.

In an interesting development, it’s started to get me to write a bit more as well.  My notebook has had a lot of additions this week compared to what I’ve done in the last month, and it’s really nice to be productive at it.  Coming up I’ve even got a project I’m co-writing on that I’m really excited about again.  Pre-writing starts for it l this week, and I’ll keep you informed as the process goes on.

Now, I will admit that part of the writing catalyst from this week is the fact that I was turned down for another job I really truly wanted.  It’s the only position in the muncie area that I’ve found that I could do within my major, so I dealt with that in the notebook.  That was incredibly theraputic and I think I’ll try that more often.

One of these days I’ll update you to what’s going on with my reading (which will probably be a MONSTROUS not 56k friendly post with book covers and info from the books.  I’ve had to cheat a few (smaller TED books and a  script or two) because at some points I just fell an insane bit behind.  More often than not though, I’m doing 300-400 page books instead of the smaller stuff.  I’m liking them both, and I think I’m better off for doing this challenge.

Time for me to crack open a book, cry over the Colts loss at home today, and write my ass off.  You all take care walking the internet at night, and I’ll see ya the next time I see ya.


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