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An Editor Without Editing Is…

I’ve been working my retail job for over a month now. It’s damn hard work, but I am glad to have something right now. I’m still not 100% sure if I’m still going to be there after the holidays, so I’m biding my time and hoping for the best. I’m not the biggest fan of being stuck on the blade of a knife between employed and unemployed. I kind of wish I had more consistent hours I’d work. That’s what comes with retail, though. I’m not working in the professional world right now, and it may be a while still before that can happen.

Even though I’m glad I’ve got my job, I’m really starting to miss editing quite a bit now. I love doing audio work, no question. I still remember fondly working on the Cowboy Bebop clip in my Audio II course. That is my absolute favorite project, even if there are things that never worked out like I wanted. It and the Stories of Science documentary are my two proudest moments in production work so far. I’ve got a lot more fun projects. Supernaural Searchers was actually the project I ended up having the most fun with, after having the absolute worst problems I’ve ever had on a project (full writing of a new script, complete re-casting, and a full shoot in less than 24 hours with NO lighting and a camera that was not really fit to be used). The project moved from a creepy video that I wanted to make into one of the most campy videos I’ve ever been involved with.
On all of these projects I was an editor at minimum, and time spent in a booth or studio, the lights low, and me splicing together footage for hours. Was it everything I wanted footage wise all the time? Absolutely not. Was it always easy to find the flow and character? HELL no. Honestly, those times in the booth can be the most grueling experiences you go through. Most of the time though, if you put real work into it, on the other end you had something special, something that only you and the others involved can call yours. And once an every great while, you come out with something you’re truly proud of. I really miss that. At the end of he day, I had made progress, and I felt I was able to be creative and possibly make something special. Right now, progress is not having any tubs of product to put on the floor at the end of the day.

I do my job, and I do i to the absolute best that I can. I just can’t seem to draw the satisfaction from this that I could in the editor’s chair. I said it earlier, but I want to end by saying this again. I really, genuinely miss editing.