Auld Lang Syne

It’s been nearly 365 days since I started posting in this blog.  A question needs to be asked now:  Did I keep up with my resolutions for 2011?  Let’s take a look and see:

  • I resolve to post in my blog at least once a day for one full
Nope, that didn’t end up working out in the slightest.  It’s completely my own fault that that would be the case though.
  • I resolve to read one book a week for a year.
Ever so close on this one, but once again, I didn’t quite make it. 47 of 52 books this year.
  • I resolve to create at least one concept a week, whether it be for music, a script, a short story, or anything else.
Once again, I didn’t complete this resolution.  I kept up with it when I could, but when I actually had the time, I just blanked out completely.
  • I resolve to actually practice my scripting more by writing at least five pages a week.

This follows along the same lines as the previous thing.  I had the time, I didn’t do it.  A couple projects started up, but didn’t get too far (sadly).


So, when you look at that, it’s a collection of failures over and over again.  At least that would be the case on the surface.  In my eyes, while I didn’t end up perfectly following all that, each resolution actually lead me to something much better than I probably would’ve had the end result of otherwise.  Though I didn’t blog every day (and had long swaths of time where I didn’t post), I still brought up my writing skill when I did post, and what I did post more often than not was something I felt important.  It think that may have been the better thing to happen than just being able to say “I wrote every day.”  I was able to define those important things, and to a degree be able to put them in coherent collections of words that every once in a very long while could mean something to someone.  Though I didn’t read 52 books, I got damn close, and that in and of itself is a victory and a defeat at the exact same time.  My reading speed and comprehension is so much higher than it has been in years.  I can read well over 100 pages in a day and still be able to tell you everything that went on.  I’ve been able to find new layers to books I had read in the past and find writers that I had never read of before and find what I love to read about.  Concepts may have been few and far between, but through them, I found a few I genuinely liked and expanded them a bit.  I work on them from time to time and I hope I can move further with them in the near future.  I didn’t write a ton of pages of script this year, but what I did write I genuinely liked, and I’m still excited to be writing with Vickie whenever we are able to be online for more than 20 minutes at a time.

This has been a year that has caused a great lot of change in me, from my views on the world, how my brain works, my personality, my treatment of others, and how I treat myself.  I’m not the best person in the world, and I absolutely will never be that person.  Somehow, I actually feel like I’m a slightly better person than I had been previous, and I’m going to go into this next year to expand on what I did this year, do it better, and make myself better in the long run.  Thanks for those who followed me this year.  I know I’ve had moments where I’m an insufferable ass-hat.  You all who made it through that and didn’t punch me deserve accolades.  Some of you helped me through a few tough times, and I thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart.

This has been an absolutely amazing year, and I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store.  Thank you all for reading.  I’ll start back up again tomorrow with new goals, a new start, and quite possibly the beginning of a brand new blog with a new design and name.  Good night, and happy New Year.

Josh Campbell


One response to “Auld Lang Syne

  1. 47 is pretty damn good. It’s way more than I would have gotten. I call that a victory.

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